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Theresa Ware, 36 years old

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Whiteboy7thstborn July 16, also known as Alexis a YouTube video game commentator and vlogger. He is famous for his catchphrases, his general honesty and forthcomingness towards his fans. Alex is currently active, and has more than 2, subscribers. Alexander Walker was born on July 16, He is a Milwaukee native and is a only kpopp dating white boy. When he was born, he had to stay an extra two weeks because of a minor heart condition. He was raised by a single mother as a child and was a huge Pokemon fan. As a child, he didn't have any friends, so what he did was on the other side of him; he would play video games or watch wrestling.

Date: 16 Apr, Report This. Wisconsin native Alexander Walker at the age of 25 now is a famous online personality known for his amazing beard and things hidden beneath kpopp dating white boy. Welcome to the pop culture, and the world of the millennial. YouTube fanatic Walker aka Whiteboy7thst, as old people like to describe, has no real job. But to the passionate game lovers, he is one of their favorite YouTube video game commentators. That's why millions of people follow his channel on Youtube.

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kpopp dating white boy

kpopp dating white boy

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