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I removed starter then forgot what wire went where. There are starter hookup large studs and more big eyelet wires with the large fat wire that goes to battery. Do you. There is only one big stud for incoming cable and it is on top.

Using a remote starter switch on a vehicle is like a third hand when diagnosing vehicle problems. The remote starter switch allows you to "turn over" or "crank" the engine without actually running the engine. This comes in handy for conducting certain tests, such as compression or finding the high side of an engine cylinder. By following a basic process you can place the in-line switch temporarily on your vehicle, saving you the need to get a helper for a diagnosing situation. Place the car in the "parked" position on the gearshift and engage the parking brake.
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If no one has clipped the ends on the wire, the little ones have different size holes in them and will only go on the right terminals. I believe Chevy only uses the small terminal closest to the motor. Starter hookup starter needs a large wire from the battery and a wire from the starter switch. These are connected to the solenoid that is attached to the starter. There's two wires to connect Positive to the solenoid, negative to the starter body.

Last fall everything was so easy to replace my alternator after a 30 yr hiatus from car work. This February it has been quite the opposite, too difficult, to replace my starter. But, it is finally mounted after almost 3 weeks. This long span of time, however, leaves me wondering if it is only two wires that I starter hookup connect up to the starter, or three? I have not yet told my wife because I have enough embarrasement about the 3 week project duration. Typically two wires on Hondas. One big cable from the starter to the big lug on the solenoid housing, and one spade connector to the small blade connector on the solenoid housing. There is one other cable, however, but it should have been connected before you got it. It is a large cable from another big lug on the solenoid to the motor.

Most vehicles use a starter-mounted solenoid that functions as a high power switch to connect the starter drive pinion gear with the flywheel to start the engine. Most on-starter solenoids are easy to wire as you mount the starter on the engine. Other solenoids--mostly on Fords--are remote mounted. These solenoids are located in the engine compartment close to the battery, which makes it much easier to wire. Whether you have an on-starter or remote-type solenoid, follow these steps to wire the unit in a matter of minutes. Raise the vehicle using a jack and support it safely on jack stands if necessary.
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