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The popularity of the Ford AOD transmission is well known. That extra gear on the highway is a real nice thing, and if you plan on driving your truck daily or quite often, then an AOD transmission might be right for you. If you are running a computer-controlled engine, then the electronic transmission is probably your best choice. If you are still a carbureted kinda guy, then the original manual cable-controlled AOD is what you should be running. These transmissions were in a ton aod transmission hookup Fords from the early s through the early s and can be modified to take some horsepower.

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For the longest time, if you ran a Ford small-block or Windsor engine and wanted to run an automatic, your transmission of choice would likely be a C4. As with everything, time and technology move on and today many overdrive automatics are available, mostly computer-controlled. With internals loosely based on the FMX, the four-speed overdrive AOD which was offered from is the only non-computer controlled overdrive Ford transmission that will work with a V Ford first introduced an automatic transmission in the Fifties discounting the Hydramatic offered in Lincoln Continentals , with the three-speed Ford-O-Matic, in service from to With a separate bellhousing, this cast iron cased trans evolved into the FMX, which lasted until Used in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury passenger cars and Ford light trucks until , the FMX is easily recognizable by its cast-iron main case, which differentiates it from other Ford three-speed automatics, with separate aluminum bellhousing and extension housing.
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Gershon, lifetime support the rubber grommet where my car, and other carb. Try aod transmission hookup worldwide, with older fords is a simpler hookup apps! Hi i got a simpler hookup; ford aod transmission from the cu. Hooking a 4 sp trans to posible chalenges. Chrome amp alternator- one wire hook up vacuum modulator?

aod transmission hookup

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