im dating a country boy

Edna Workman, 34 years old

About me:
Country boys are protective of their girls. Not anymore. Creepy guys cat calling you on the street im dating a country boy at the gym? Always count on a country boy to brighten your day, or take you out on a once in a lifetime date. Never been wheeling or mudding?

Every couple has its great things that make that specific relationship so wonderful. Whether it be one person's personality, their eyes, their sense of humor, or the way they cook. While some of those are important, those aren't perks that make dating a good ol' boy so good. There are so many great things im dating a country boy come with dating a southern boy that I wish I could fill this whole page up with.

Coming f rom a small country town, finding a boyfriend that is anything but country is nearly impossible. But trust me, dating all country boys all my life hasn't really been a bad thing and it most definitely had its perks. You're probably thinking "What and how do you even classify yourself as those girls that date a country boy? His favorite past time besides spending countless hours and hours with you is driving along a backroad hitting every single mud puddle possible. Big or small, your country boy doesn't care.
More about im dating a country boy:
Top definition. After reading some of y'alls descriptions of a "country boy" I decided I im dating a country boy to add my two cents. Most people nowadays think a country boy is someone who drives daddy's truckwears camo, listens to new pop country music, and drinks beer. Y'all got it all wrong. A real country boy may or may not have been raised in the backwoodsbut loves the outdoors and spends a lot of their time fishin'huntin', sittin' around a bonfire with friends, and muddin'. They're generally laid back but do have a wild side.

Nowadays women tend to underrate country guys. Studies show that country guys make perfect boyfriends and husbands. They are not as brave and rich as most city guys, but they know how to treat a woman, surprise her and they are not self-interested. When you date a country boy, your dates are always interesting, healthy and fun. Check out a few undeniable reasons to fall in love with a country guy. With a country guy your life will never be boring and miserable. A country im dating a country boy has a great ability to make fun happen out of nothing. He is funny and positive and knows how to enjoy every minute of life.

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