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By Caroline Kent. Looking for something more than a right swipe from a spam-bot? It's unlikely you'll find fulfilment with most dating apps, but Antidate might just be about to shake up the scene. Whilst many still rely heavily on websites to date and socialise online, it didn't taken long for Millennials like me to come to expect a mobile-first experience from their dating technology. This explains the storming success of mobile-only Tinder; a phenomenon which has not yet been aped by any other app. In fact, all the other app-based dating options feel a little unexciting to the Twitter generation. But two female school friends from Wimbledon with no tech background whatsoever have finally got me feeling optimistic once more antidate dating app the possibility of finding love on an iPhone screen.

There is no dearth of dating apps in the dating sphere. You can meet someone exactly like you, who cares about the same things you do, with niche apps catering to every whim of an average person out there. Be it an unhealthy attraction to zombies ewww! The moment a woman seems to be uninterested antidate dating app a man, his claws come out — extra pointy. He starts abusing her in all kinds of vulgar language, sends her unwanted images of his private parts, or worse, cyber stalks her.

Inspired by the modern trend of crowd-funding, the Money Pit is a light-hearted show, hosted by comedian Jason Manford. Usually, when a new dating app or product is launched, it is difficult to gauge its potential until the word gets around and people do, or do not, start using it — Antidate proves its worth with a completely different approach, however, and by stealing the show on The Money Pit proves that — not only does it evoke confidence in potential investors, but that it certainly looks to have legs in the dating world. Hatty and Mo had wanted to work together since they were 14, and when they realised in that most dating sites were designed by men, they saw a gap in the market. Girls like the anonymity of the one-way glass. Guys are relieved that the pressure is off for once.
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Photograph: Thinkstock. Venture through the looking glass of online dating and things are complicated further still. In the great technological gold rush, dating apps are cropping up with metronomic regularity, and so too are the folks who highlight sub-par behaviour on them. Most notably, the Bye Felipe Instagram account instagram. Bye Felipe is humorous and entertaining, certainly, but something slightly more unsettling is afoot here. The problem is that, in an online set-up, many women expect the initial approach to be made by men. Many of them are battle-weary, tired of being relentlessly antidate dating app no, really and bruised by ham-fisted messages and overly forthright approaches. They then shut down, leaving their would-be male suitors confused, addled and hurt.

The advent of the dating app has revolutionised the way we meet new people. That much has been clear for some time. You see, while other dating apps have tried various spins on the dating game, they have all broadly stuck to the same song sheet; people, either by a process of selection, an algorithm, or some other means, finding someone they might like. Unlike the traditional dating app model, the Antidate antidate dating app app is unashamedly based on inequality between the sexes. It is putting the decision making solely in the hands of women.

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