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Prison of Elders is a three-player cooperative arena activity that was included in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves. The Prison of Elders is a cooperative player-versus-enemy arena that consists of five rounds of three waves, each round and wave being random. The final round has a random mini-boss. Each round will take place in a room that corresponds to an enemy species : FallenHiveVexand Cabal. Rounds may also have modifiers enabled. In each wave, enemies spawn and must be eliminated. Some waves have an additional objective, such as defusing mines, destroying mines, or eliminating a target, that must be completed within a time prison of elders 32 matchmaking. If all members of the fireteam die or if the objective is not completed before time is up, the team must restart that round.

It is based on the House of Judgment 's traditions for settling disputes between Fallen through trial by combat. The Archon Priest Aksor was previously a prisoner before later being retrieved by Taniks and having his soul restored by the House of Winter on Venus. The Prison of Elders is also known to contain members of the House of Wolves that were captured during the Reef Wars[1] though it also contains HiveVex and Cabal inmates who have attacked the Reef. These prisoners are considered "trophies" by the Reef, kept cryogenically frozen for the Queen's benefit. Though since Skolas ' rebellion, the Queen now wants the prison cleared out, and has recruited the Guardians to do it. A year after prison of elders 32 matchmaking Red Warthe undead Fallen horde known as the Scorn orchestrated an incredibly massive breakout from the prison, following a lack of order after Mara Sov 's disappearance.

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