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There comes a time in your mids when it feels like everyone you've ever known — from your best friend to your high school biology lab partner — is getting married and having babies. Remember that feeling, maybe from before you started a family of your own? Well, that's the position that Jana Duggar is in right now in her own immediate family, which will happen when you have 18 brothers and sisters. Which, of course, makes her the subject of constant speculation as fans try to figure out who Jana Duggar is datingif anyone, and whether there may be yet another Duggar wedding on the horizon. Duggar is the only of-age daughter in her family who isn't married, and a few of her siblings even have kids of their own and star in their own TLC reality spinoff, Counting On. And the year-old has never publicly entered into a courtship, which is the family's own chaperoned version of dating that prohibits even hand-holding until engagement and happens with oldest duggar daughter dating express goal of wedding bells in the not-so-distant future. She has, however, been rumored to be romantically linked to a several different men, most recently a family friend by the name of Caleb Williamsas Radar Online reported last month.

What is up with that girl these days? With the recent marriage of younger sister Jill to Derrick Dillard and the announcement of her pregnancy! In Duggar tradition, women of the family tend to find a man with patriarch Jim Bob's help, of course to settle down with and start popping out those babies ASAP. But not Jana. I thought she might follow soon behind older bro Josh when he tied the knot with his now-wife Anna inbut so far, Jana's showing no signs of flying the coop anytime soon. But let's oldest duggar daughter dating one thing straight: There is absolutely nothing about Jana that suggests she's anything but prime courting material I know, I know — I cringed as I typed that out. But such is life on the Duggar compound. She's beautiful, she has a sweet, down-to-earth personality, and after helping out with the clan at home, she's bound to have the patience of a saint.

Every time a rumored courtship appeared, it gets shut down by the family. And over the past few days, new rumors have swirled, forcing the Duggars to once again deny that Jana is courting. What happened this time — and why is everyone so obsessed with her love life? Jana Duggar Jessa Seewald via Instagram. Fans have long been wondering why Jana remains unmarried. The oldest Duggar daughter just celebrated her 29th birthday, and she has yet to enter into a courtship.
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Some of them enter into a courtship as early as 18 and get married soon after. However, there is one member of the Duggar family who has still not yet tied the knot: Oldest duggar daughter dating Duggar. Jana Duggar, farthest left, is still unmarried. The Duggar Family via Instagram. The oldest Duggar daughter will turn 29 in January. To be 29 and a Duggar and still be unmarried is almost unfathomable. Her twin brother, John David Duggar, had also been single for a long time.

Those who are familiar with the Duggar family know they became famous for one reason in particular: Their ever-expanding family. By the time it was all said and done, Oldest duggar daughter dating and Jim Bob Duggar — who are openly against birth control for religious reasons — ended up with a whopping 19 children. As their older kids grew up and started families of their own, it became clear to fans of their TLC series that there's basically an accepted norm when it comes to the life cycle of a Duggar. Generally, they get married in their early 20s, move out of the family home, and then start having children almost immediately. Except for the oldest set of twins, Jana and John-David, 28, that is.

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