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Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by kinginkMay 8, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. May 8, 1. Messages: Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone can identify a dating 70s stratocaster neck shape that I always find on Fender necks from the s.

Posted: Wed Mar 23, dating 70s stratocaster. My strat indicates it is a via the serial on the headstock. It is the original decal. The number on the end of the neck seems to indicate something else. The number on the end of the neck is 09 03 It is a Torre made neck as indicated by his stamp on the back of the end of the neck. Any ideas on what year this neck is from the end number 09 03 ?

Site Search. Bob Leggitt Thursday, 24 December Today, Fender Stratocasters made in the s are generally regarded with affection, and have become sought after by many guitarists for their historical interest and vintage kudos. Back in , the Stratocaster was suffering the backlash from a long period of 'consensus blindness' on the part of CBS Fender. The period between and — and in particular the s — had turned a dream electric guitar into a product which discerning players found much harder to eulogise. The late '70s Strat had also to an extent become a victim of its own success, exhibiting an increase in production flaws as pressure to produce more units saw workers cutting corners.
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Copyright20th Century Guitar Magazine. The strange and mysterious neck codes found on Fenders from — 80 have been all but ignored by the vintage and collectible guitar community. Perhaps this is due to the fact that s Fenders have, until recently, been all but ignored by the vintage and collectible guitar community. Now that dating 70s stratocaster instruments are hitting the "magical" year mark, they have suddenly gained attention. InCBS-Fender began to implement a new type of neck stamp in place of the usual date stamp consisting of model code, month, year, neck width e. The new code consisted of 6, 7 or 8 digits and was usually stamped in green ink. An example of this type of neck code found on a Precision Bass is B. CBS-Fender used this neck code system concurrently with the standard Month-Year date stamp that had been in use since

So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter. Your last chance to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster is with the guitars of the late 's. You spot a '79 in a local shop, or online, but how can you be certain it is a '79? Some dealers dating 70s stratocaster go by the serial number, which you will discover can be far from accurate. Some might go by the pot codes, but those could have been stock a year or more old by the time they were put into the newly finished guitar. Or perhaps the guitar was even assembled by various parts picked up over the years and is being passed off as "All original".

To date Japan made Fender Guitars click here. Date Your Fender Guitar. Serial numbers are also helpful in determining the year of production of a given instrument. Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the years. They have been placed at the top of the neck plate, on the front of the headstock, on the back of the headstock, and on the back of the neck near where the neck bolts onto the body. They were stamped on the back vibrato cover plate early '50s Strats , and on the bridge plate between the pickup and the saddles on some Telecasters. But once again, due to the modular nature of Fender's production methods, and the fact that most serial numbers schemes are not sequential and usually overlap from between 2 to 4 years, from the early days of Fender, through to the mid s , dating by the serial number is not an exact science.
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